Reviews are In: Watching NewsWatch TV Informs and Entertains

August 25, 2017
Since its inauspicious debut in 1990 as a monthly business news program, thanks to the work of its distribution network, NewsWatch TV has evolved into something that millions of people simply have to watch every week. The show is certainly distributed widely. In addition to its weekly time slot on cable TV giants AMC and ION Television, NewsWatch TV is also available on about 60 broadcast stations. In all, the program can be seen in more than 200 markets, including all of the 20 largest and its reach is more than 98 million households. A large number of factors have combined to turn NewsWatch TV into a trusted source for news and technology reviews.

Over time, NewsWatch TV has evolved into one of the finest weekly national television news programs anywhere. And if the reviews are to be believed, they are also among the most popular news shows anywhere. The show features breaking government and healthcare news, and among their most popular features include their entertainment news segments, as well as their consumer electronics and mobile app reviews. Reviewers also cite the show’s public service announcements as great reasons to watch.